The Comfortable Molesworth Furniture. Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind custom made chair that shows off your individual style?  Or are you wanting an entire room decorated specifically for you? Interior decorators have been using Marc Taggart Collectibles for years in their designs. Now you can buy directly from the source.

We offer you custom luxury ranch furniture and accessories in the traditional Thomas Molesworth style. We specialize in creating custom western furniture that truly is livable art: Form meets Function.  Our specialty is custom style burl furniture in the Thomas Molesworth Tradition. Marc Taggart Company has over 30 years of experience serving the most discerning clients with our custom made luxury ranch furniture for their mountain homes.  Please visit our online showroom by clicking the links above. 

custom made furnishings

Marc Taggart Company has over 25 years experience serving the most discerning clients with our custom made luxury ranch furniture for their mountain homes.

custom Molesworth style furniture

If you’re looking for Custom Log Home furniture, Custom Ledger Art Furniture, Custom western Chandeliers, Custom Molesworth style Furniture with Chimayo Weavings and Burls, and hand-carved routings and you want it to be heirloom quality that captures the dreamy Romance of the west you have found the right place!  Marc Taggart and Company have the passion and know-how to create just what you’re looking for. We have experienced designers and computer artists along with many seasoned craftspeople who are passionate about beauty and quality and strive to bring you the best available. We all join together in the spirit of collaboration with the main goal in mind – To create furniture the client will love and cherish.

We make furniture in the Thomas Molesworth Tradition.   Thomas started Shoshone Furniture company. Below is a picture of a brochure.

Mr. Molesworth attended the Art Institute of Chicago for about 1 year but hard times hit the family and Thomas had to go back home. However, he learned all he needed obviously. Mr. Molesworth’s style became the choice of the most beloved families back in that day. He got commission work from  Moses Annenberg for their retreat ranch, and then he made furniture for Dwight D. Eisenhower, Buffalo Bill Cody – the great showman who owned The TE Ranch near Cody Wyoming. Thomas Molesworth made furniture for New York financier George Sumers for the Sumers home and Milward Simpson for the Governor’s Mansion and For John D. Rockefeller at his ranch near Jackson Hole. Most often Thomas Molesworth designed furniture for wonderful ranch retreats that were shared by or with anyone and everyone talented gifted wealthy or famous. He was adored in his day and he still is.


This is a 101-page picture book filled with all the furniture and lighting we have built.  The Book is $350 and price refundable on request after your first purchase of furniture. To obtain a copy  Text your CC info to 1-307-899-9381 (Marc) or leave your phone # at [email protected]